Call Log : Idaho County Sheriff

April 28 - May 4

Monday, April 28

Grangeville: Traffic Offense Hwy 13; Kooskia: Theft Main St; Custodial Interference; Theft Hwy 12; Welfare Check Bird Lane; VIN Beaverslide; Theft Falcon Ridge; Suspicious Pole Yard; Missing Person; Weapons Offense Lukes Gulch Rd; Riggins: Citizen Assist Island Bar.

Tuesday, April 29

Grangeville: Theft Yellowbrook St; Citizen Dispute Green Creek Loop; Traffic Offense Hwy 95; Non-Injury Accident Substation Rd; Vehicle Theft Hwy 13; Kooskia: DUI Arrest of 61-year-old Kooskia man; Citizen Dispute Hwy 12; Threatening Main St business; Theft Hwy 13; Abandon Vehicle Pine Rd; Suicide Lee Rd; Vicious Dog Broadway; Harassment; Threatening Broadway; Riggins: Agency Assist ISP; Elk City: Citizen Assist Mother Lode Rd.

Wednesday, April 30

Grangeville: Trespassing Truck Rt; Weapons Offense Radar Rd; Kooskia: Suicide Attempt Ironwood Dr; Suspicious Clearwater Main St; Traffic Offense Hwy 12; VIN Main St; Obstructing Hwy 12 MP 69; Domestic Dispute Pine St; Riggins; Loose horses Hwy 95 MP 197; Welfare Check Elk Lake Rd; Injury Accident Hwy 95 MP 172 Adams Co.

Thursday, May 1

Grangeville: Rock in Rd Hwy 14 MP 21; Disabled Vehicle Hwy 95; Traffic Offense Hwy 95; Citizen Assist Volmer Rd; Agency Assist ISP; Kooskia: Welfare Check Main St; Welfare Check Fountain Ct; VIN Main St; Weapons Offense Clearwater Dr; Parking Problem CV Elem School; Disabled Vehicle Hwy 12; Missing Person Adams Grade; Suspicious Fall Ave; Riggins: Suspicious.

Friday, May 2

Grangeville: Injury Accident Hwy 14; Traffic Offense Hwy 12; Traffic Offense Hwy 95; Traffic Offense Lake Rd; Traffic Offense Hwy 95; Kooskia: VIN Glenwood; Welfare Check Adams Grade; Non-Injury Accident Idaho St; Parking Problem Ridgewood Dr; Trespassing Ridgewood Dr; Juvenile Problem Adams Grade; Threatening Elk City Wagon Rd; Riggins: Abandon Vehicle; Elk City: Theft Airway Dr;

Saturday, May 3

Grangeville: Traffic Offense Hwy 12; Loose mules Mt Idaho Grade; Animal Neglect Division St Ferdinand; Injury Accident Graves Creek Rd; DWP Cite of 32-year-old Grangeville man; Traffic Offense Hwy 95; Citizen Dispute Center Rd; Kooskia: Warrant arrest of 21-year-old Orofino man; Citizen Dispute Lamb Grade; Weapons Offense Lukes Gulch Rd; Theft View Rd; Citizen Assist; Threatening MP 69 Housing; Non-Injury Accident Ridgewood Rd; Suspicious Hwy 12; Threatening Lukes Gulch Rd; Fire Hwy 13; Parking Problem Ctwd Creek Bridge; Riggins: Aggravated Assault arrest of 19-year-old Meridian man Island Bar; Theft Shorts Bar; Traffic Hazard Hwy 95; Assault Rodeo Grounds; Domestic Dispute Shorts Bar; Lost Property Rzr roof Hwy 95; Disorderly Shorts Bar; Agency Assist ISP; Minor Consumption Citation Shorts Bar; Agency Assist ISP; Citizen Dispute Shorts Bar; Elk City: Suspicious airport.

Sunday, May 4

Grangeville: Suspicious Ctwd Butte Rd; Citizen Assist Hwy 95; Kooskia: Missing Person Park Ave; Tree in Rd Hwy 12 MP 162; Injury Accident Hwy 12 MP 70; Agency Assist Oregon State Police; Riggins: Citizen Assist Main St; Theft Main St; Suspicious Main St business.

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