Ten 4-H members receive honors

2013 Idaho County 4-H Achievement Awards

What does it take to succeed in 4-H? Ask the 2013 Idaho County Achievement Award winners who were recently announced.

Junior winners are Katrina Wolfrum, Jarret Nuxoll and Colby Canaday, In the intermediate category are Lauren Goldman and Mitchel Nuxoll. Senior honorees include Savannah Thanstrom, Laurel Henry, Rachel Mager, Rachel Ringer and Emily McHugh.

According to Idaho County 4-H director Susie Heckman, during the year, club leaders keep track of all of the members’ activities, giving points for their participation.

“Club leaders submit their top point earners to the 4-H Extension office at the end of the 4-H year,” she explained. “The top point earners from all of the 4-H clubs in the county are given to the 4-H Program Council and the 4-H Achievement Award winners are selected.”

Heckman said the purpose of the achievement award is to recognize 4-H’ers who exemplify the goals of the Idaho County 4-H Program. Emphasis for the award includes overall achievement, leadership and citizenship.

Jarret Nuxoll, Kooskia

Nuxoll is the son Bruce and Marci Nuxoll who has been a member of the Valley Livestock & More 4-H Club for the past five years.

“I like showing my animal and doing different activities,” he said. “I have learned that I am getting more responsible.”

Katrina Wolfrum, Grangeville

Wolfrum is the daughter of Burt and Kim Wolfrum and has been a member of Hold Your Horses and Lively Livestock 4-H clubs for four years.

“I enjoy learning about new subjects. I can do things that before I tried it I said I can’t do this,” she explained. “I have learned that I love to talk and meet new people. I also learned that I need my friends to be happy. I would like to thank all the people that have kept me going in the 4-H program.”

Colby Canaday, Grangeville

Canaday is the daughter of Gary and Lisa Canaday and is a member of Rough Riders, Lively Livestock and This & That 4-H clubs. She has been in 4-H for five years.

“My favorite thing about 4-H is getting to see people who are dedicated to a life changing deal,” she said. “While in 4-H, I have learned that I matter to everyone.”

Lauren Goldman, Grangeville

Goldman is a member of Hold Your Horses and Lively Livestock 4-H clubs. She has been involved in 4-H for four years. She is the daughter of Jeff and Becky Goldman.

“I love the interaction with the younger members. I like that the older members take the initiative to assist the younger members with their record books and animals. It is just an amazing and healthy environment to be in. I love that you can be a role model and still be taught new things at the same time,” Goldman said. “I have learned to handle responsibility. I have also learned that you can do nothing in life without it. For my 4-H year, responsibility has been my key to success and achievement.”

She also thanked all those who have helped her succeed in 4-H including her leaders and her parents.

Mitchel Nuxoll, Kooskia

Nuxoll is also the son of Bruce and Marci Nuxoll. He has been in 4-H six years as a regular member and prior to that spent two years as a Clover. He belongs to Valley Livestock and More 4-H Club.

“My favorite thing about 4-H is the fair and just being able to socialize with everyone,” he said.

Savannah Thanstrom, Grangeville

A member of the Crazy Critters 4-H Club and involved in 4-H for six years, Thanstrom is the daughter of Richard and Michelle Thanstrom.

“My favorite things about 4-H are the life skills that it has taught me which includes public speaking, leadership and organization,” she said. “I have learned that I can achieve much more than I thought I could with hard work and perseverance. I would like to thank all the 4-H supporters because without their help the program would not be the experience that it is.”

Laurel Henry, Ferdinand

Henry has been a member of 4-H for seven years and is a member of the Cottonwood Saddliers 4-H Club. She is the daughter of Kirk Henry and Mary Arnzen.

“4-H is such a fantastic way for children and young adults to capture a new part of themselves and grow. Finding one specific thing to pinpoint as my favorite is nearly impossible. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that the one thing that sticks out above the rest would have to be the plethora of responsibility skills that I obtained from this,” she stated. “With an animal that relies on you to be there every day, you can’t just go out and do whatever you feel like that day. I learned how to prioritize my day and develop some organizational skills to stay on track. “

Henry said throughout her last seven years in 4-H she has found that she likes to come up with ideas and see them through to the end as well as lead people and speak in front of crowds. Ultimately, she said she has learned she would like to choose a social career that allows her to think outside of the box and take charge.

“Due to what 4-H has opened my eyes to, I plan on pursuing a career as an attorney. I will accomplish this by getting a bachelor’s degree in English and three minors in business, history, and sociology,” she added. “I strongly believe that if it wasn’t for 4-H I would not be nearly so driven and goal-oriented. It has helped me tremendously throughout my young adult life.”

Rachel Mager, Grangeville

Mager is the daughter of Bob and Leah Mager. She has been in 4-H for nine years and is a member of the This and That 4-H Club.

“4-H has helped me with public speaking and not being so shy,” Mager said. “I would recommend 4-H to all kids out there. It is a good opportunity.”

Rachael Ringer, Grangeville

Ringer is a member of This and That 4-H Club. She is the daughter of Kim Ringer and Jeremy Ringer and has been in 4-H for three years.

“I love the many activities that are offered and the way I can learn so much more about myself,” Ringer stated. “I love serving my community in ways that are both helpful for others and fun for me! I get to express myself in totally new ways.”

Ringer said she has learned that no matter what, “you can always believe in yourself and do what you love. I have also learned to be an encouraging leader and new ways to serve my community.”

Emily McHugh, Cottonwood

McHugh is the daughter of Susie Keating and Allen Meyer. She has been in 4-H for eight years and is a member of the Indoor/Outdoor 4-H Club.

“I love meeting new people,” she said. “And I love being challenged.”

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